Learning Environments & Routines

Different methods for different stages of growth

Little Genius has developed its own strategy to implement the The Early Years Learning Framework – Belonging – Being – Becoming in our curriculum, built around learning activities in specific content areas such as “Mathematical Thinking”, “Literary Thinking”, “Scientific/Nature Thinking” and the Arts. 

Our program reflects the rich diversity of our community, integrating culturally diverse information/perspectives that providing opportunities for children to thrive in an anti-bias curriculum. 

We carefully arrange the environment and the teaching materials to promote active learning, problem solving and independence. 

We have three Rooms:


Children's flexible daily routine


Parent/ career drop off. Greeting friends and put away personal belongings.


Hand washing/ Breakfast with food songs & rhymes.


Outdoor spontaneous and motor skill planned activities.


Toilet checks, nappy change and hand washing.


Intentional teaching activity/ reflections and follow ups.


Pack away, music and movement (outdoor)


Wash hands, get bibs and settle on the dinner table with friends. Eat food, communication/ song time.


Clean faces/hands. Toilet checks and nappy change.


Nap time/ quite reading in beds.


Hand washing and toilet checks/ nappy changes.


Afternoon tea time/ story time with friends.


Outdoor play/ gross motor activities


Group activities


Prepare for parents; collect things, children’s choice of activity/ free play.


End of day

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Email: hello@littlegenius.com.au
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