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My son loves it, I come down on my lunch break, the staff are amazing, the space is amazing, the location is amazing with a view of the harbour bridge … which I don’t think the kids appreciate.

David D.

Parent (from Google reviews)

My experience of Little Genius Academy has just been amazing. The Educators are engaging and welcoming with the children, as well as the parents, and my soon to be one year old can’t wait to see them each time we go.

The facilities are fabulous and the activities they run daily are excellent for their development. In the 4 weeks my child has been going there he has learnt to eat by himself, paint, climb, walk and most important of all, socialise. They send personalised daily journals to show what the kids have been up to, mentioning them each by name and something they’ve done and really get to know your baby and their requirements each day. I would highly recommend them!

Jo C.

Parent (from Google reviews)

Highly recommend Little Genius, has the most colourful and clean environment with huge space not the kind you will find in most childcare. Great facilities on site! The centres has nice and cosy sleeping environment which I believe is what most parents concern about. We have been there for over 3 months the teachers have always been caring, cheerful and responsible. Recently they merged onto a new app system called Childcarer which is really the best daily update system I have ever seen- it’s almost like consistent live show updates of your child at the care and give you the best reassurance. Most importantly, the centre is well organised and maintained will need to give extraordinary appraisal to the nominated supervisor.

Linda Y.

Parent (from Google reviews)

We have a wonderful experience with Little Genius Academy. The CC teacher are caring, responsible with positive attitude. The center has a huge open space with all sorts of toys for both little ones and older kids. It feels like home 🙂

Keet H.

Parent (from Google reviews)